Tuesday, April 1, 2008

morning mayhem 2

mithi's gone up to class three. from this year, her school will start at 7.30 am instead of 9 am, which means the school bus will be at the bus stop at 6.50 and not 8.20 as earlier.

woe betide us! calamity has struck the household. a pall of gloom has descended. having to wake up an hour and a half earlier, at 6 am is not something we had foreseen. early morning waking up, sunrise etc. is all well and good, but, not for us. going into a frenzy at such an unearthly hour is just not appealing. even coffee fails to really shake us to action. the system just reverts to auto hibernation mode.

the poor kid and her miserable parents! and now, one hears from class five, it will be another hour earlier!! yesterday, when hubby returned from work, i broke the news to him gently. the poor guy nearly choked on his chappati. " WHAT? " is all he could manage. and then, dramatically, " we shall change her school!" stoically, i interjected, "one has to think of the kid's education, not one's sleep time!"

however, rationalising things is one thing. going through it another! let's see how it goes.

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Kavita Arvind said...

gosh! all the best!! i am sure you will get used to the rush! gees, this is the downside of having some little ones eh?? but i am sure its all worth it and more! big hug to mits and you! third standard! my!!