Thursday, March 27, 2008

of stories underlying drawings

mithi's drawings always have a story behind them. usually, there are plenty of people who are doing plenty of things. yesterday, she told me the story behind her latest drawing.

mithi: look ma, this is the story of a king and a queen and their family and friends(royalty, of the western kind is her new muse to my dismay).

look at their crowns! they vary in size. this king always wears long, blue silk robes. next to him is his queen with long hair and in a long gown. next to the queen is Cruel-princess. The crown on her head has the name written on it. she is always hatching evil plans to kill the queen.

in the left hand corner, this boy is offering a bouquet and a ring to another little princess, and asking her whether she will marry him when they grow up. she is saying 'yes'. so, this other boy prince near them is crying aloud because he also likes her and wants to marry her. he also has a bunch of flowers in his hand, but the little princess does not take them.

the king is angry with the little princess for saying 'yes' to the boy because he does not like the boy. he is not a very nice boy. see, the kings hands are raised up in anger. there are two maids who are watching what's happening.

to the left of the king, this girl in a red gown is crying because she wanted to become the king's queen, but the king made the queen, his queen.

in the painting, only the sun is smiling. the sun wears glasses.


errormsg! said...

your tales of mithi are bursting at the seams with wonder(urs) and common sense(hers)! loved the little post on daughters. someone told me the other day, that while most women want daughters, not as many want a sister. wonder if thats true?

shilpa das said...

you may have something there, errormsg. (btw, who are you? pl tell me...)when i was growing up, i always wished i had an elder brother. but of course , those who did were complaining about their domineering ways!

errormsg! said...

this is amrita, the ever perturbed! :)

errormsg! said...

this is amrita, the ever perturbed!

armeen said...

I was also obsessed with Western style royalty when i was young, and now i am totally disenchanted with them. I spent hours drawing kings and queens in disney style dresses. hehe...must be the British hangover we still suffer from, especially in school.