Tuesday, April 1, 2008

midsummer night's dream

mithi is fascinated with Shaky's midsummer night's dream. the book we got her from the british library is beautifully illustrated and in comic book format. mithi is enthralled. the plot, the locale, the many main and minor characters-she knows them all. i suspect that is the reason underlying her obsession with drawing royalty these days. she names her figures, Titania, Helena, Teresa, Queenie Queen, and such like.

mithi: mum, why don't we have a manor or castle with a bower in the garden? imagine, how lovely it would be for papa and you to sit in one and sing songs to each other!


Kavita Arvind said...

shilpa and anshuman seated on a bower!! what a lovely site that will be!! mits has a great idea there! how do we squeeze the castle in now? heh heh!! waiting for mits to start reading satrapi!!

Siddhartha Joshi said...

hahahaha...nicely written :)