Thursday, March 27, 2008

of originals and copies

mithi is down with fever and hence, supine on the bed. i flick channels and set max is showing Don (the old amitabh one). i switch to a news channel and she nudges me.

mithi: mama, let's watch don. i love the old don.
me (pleasantly surprised): but, i thought you liked the new one with your favourite khan in it. why do you like the old one mithi?
mithi is quiet.
me: why?
mithi: oh ma, you ask too many questions. i just like the old don more.

me: but this don has some elements different from the other one. it has changed things a bit.
mithi: correction mom. the new don has changed things a bit in the old one. the new one is a copy. the old one is is the word, 'octagonal'?
me (delighted with this Plato like kid who talks about copies and originals): not 'octagonal' but 'original' ma.

mithi's pa, the lawyer, jumps into the fray.
pa: Yes, mits you're right! you are so very right! this is called by law, "copyright infringement."

mithi: poppy, i don't know all that. but, i do know that you should not copy other people's work; else, people will say that you have copied someone else's work and are not 'orthogonal'.

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