Wednesday, March 26, 2008

of daughters

after a terribly busy day at work, and accomplishing hazaar chores on the way home, i reach home a wreck . carrying a dozen odd bags, packages, and papers and feeling completely ennervated, all i want to do iflop on to the bed at home with some chilled nimbupani.
mithi is playing with her friends downstairs when i drive in. one look at me and her face takes on a concerned expression. grabbing some bags from my hands, she asks with a worried expression on her face, "mama, what's wrong? are you upset about something? please tell me." a hug follows. "mama, are you unwell? come, let's go home."
it's great to have a daughter.


Rohit said...

You know Rahul and I always expected Ruskin to be a sister (don't tell him that!)

Reading your blog makes me wonder, "What if..."

shilpa das said...

Leave the poor baby alone! He's great the way he is. Besides, our ladies man is charm incarnate. wait till he grows up and you find sundry women swooning around him.

but jokes apart, i feel that daughters are more sensitive to their parents than sons. (sorry!!!) it's not that sons love their parents any less, it's just that the blokes don't know how to be demonstrative of their feelings...or they can't figure out how to react to certain situations.

Kavita Arvind said...

i want a daughter too!!!!!!!!!