Thursday, March 13, 2008

family anthems

hubby and i are arguing about something. for sometime we are unable to come to a common consensus. mithi, as usual, is a mute witness to the goings on. as usual she erroneously believes it is a mahabharat replay. after a while the clouds clear and sunshine pours through a chink. mithi is sulking.

the television is on all this time. with the lull, everyone now 'hears' what music the cable guy is playing. first to come up is mohammed rafi charging through dilip kumar in Leader, "apni aazadi ko hum hargiz mita sakte nahin...sar kata sakte hain lekin sar jhuka sakte nahin." hubby immediately quips, "hey mithi, this is mama's anthem! " next in line is, "aa dekhein zaraa, kismein kitna hai dum..." hubby is quick to comment, " this is MY song !"

Mithi, our all time peacekeeper, jumps up when the next one comes along and claps her hands as usual. The song is, "tum se milke aisa laga tum se milke..armaan hue pure dilke..." "Mum and Pops" she cheers excitedly, "this is YOUR song!"

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