Tuesday, March 11, 2008

boys in mithi's class

overhear a conversation while waiting outside mithi's classroom to meet her teacher
boy: ae aunty! chashmish!
mithi: kyun, mujhe aunty bulata hai? ek maarungi na!
boy: tu bhi aunty aur shivangni bhi aunty.
mithi: le bhusa kha!

later at night i speak to her.
me: mithu, why did you hit that boy?
mithi: mama, he called Shivangni and me aunties.
me: so, what difference does it make? maybe he called you aunty because you both are tall and well built.
mithi: but no one should laugh at anyone na.
me: just ignore people who make fun of you for any reason. if you ignore them, they will be really irritated and will not persist in their behaviour. you don't need to start beating people up.
mithi: who will teach these badmaash boys a lesson if we keep quiet?


Junuka said...

Hi Shilpa,
I read out a lot of stuff from your blog to my mom..as in we read it together.My mom thinks every mom can write a book about their daughters growing up..she got truely inspired by your writings.She says you should publish these. Thank you,from my mom and us.

Prasangam said...

true...children get offended..

you taught her nicely

but also those boys have to be taught...

I remember I was also one of such and troble girls in my class by telling them anut
Infact teachers even get hurt if told anut

shilpa das said...

Thanks Junuka. You flatter me sweetheart! These are just arbid things filed away for memory.

Junuka said...

thats what is wonderful about it..