Saturday, January 5, 2008

of mums and daughters

(2003: mithi at age three)

mithi: mama, you are so beautiful! you are my cinderella, my snow white. my miss universe. your hair is so silky. your skin is so silky. you are so intelligent. ( i receive big fat kisses all over my face). you are the best mama in the whole world.

(2008: mithi at age eight)

mithi: err, mama, your hair has no style. actually, it looks like a mop! your nails are so uneven. (i know you chew them secretly!) your nose is round and spotted. you need to wear high heels to look smart.

(looks at herself in the mirror with a faraway doe-eyed expression. expression slowly changes to a dejected one)

mama, do you think i will look like you when i grow up?

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Kavita Arvind said...

ha ha ha!! awesome!! loved it! btw, i think you are GORGEOUS!!! and mitts is lucky she has inherited the doe eyes!!