Saturday, January 5, 2008

mithi nugget

me: mithi, do you know which bird can fly forwards and backwards both?
mithi: is it a falcon?
me: a hummingbird, mithu.

(mithi is deep in thought. her eyebrows are furrowed)

mithi: mama, do you know who Benazir Bhutto is?
me (happily surprised with her 'awareness' level): a former prime minister of Pakistan who was killed recently!
mithi: no, mama, no. she is the daughter of tragedy ( 'g' pronounced as 'g' in goat).
(hubby and I look like Mike Tyson hit us in the solar plexus)
mithi: offo baba, i said tra-gaddi. look the cover page of India Today says this. very bad. both of you. you need to improve your general knowledge.

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