Wednesday, February 20, 2008

taarein zameen par and mithi's mind

mithi and i are watching taarein zameen par for the nth time. after seeing the film in the cinema hall, we have seen it on cable television atleast five times and sometimes in parts. i suspect mithi and her ayee have brought the dvd home as well.

everytime they show the film on cable tv, mithi urges me to watch the film again. not that i need any nudging or urging from her. but, she glares at me if i dilly dally. once she said, " watch this film about parents mama. don't you just love the boy who has to deal with them?" huh?

the scene where ishaan bunks school. the shot where he eats a "baraf ka gola."
mithi: mama, he is as old as me. where did he get the money from? did he steal the money from home? maybe that's why he suffers so much later on...
me: (wanting to smoothen the creases and give her the 'right'picture): maybe his mother gave him the money at some point. a rupee or so. that's not much money, mithu.
mithi: but mama, he is my age. MY age. i do not carry any money with me to school or anywhere. (looks at me accusingly. hands on her waist)
mithi: btw, mama, what is the meaning of bunk?
me: when you go/run away from school without informing your teacher or parents, during school hours.
mithi: oh! do children do that? (gleefully)
mithi's dad interjects: but, that is a BAD thing to do!
me: he could have gotten into trouble mithu. he could have wandered somewhere and be lost. he could have met with an accident. somebody could have kidnapped him...
mithi: but, he was happy for sometime, away from all those people troubling him and tormenting him.

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Kavita Arvind said...

you are lucky, i know somebody who's kid refuses to study or go to school after watching the film... this kid is good at painting, so he has decided he does not need to study anymore... you listening, mr.khan?