Monday, February 11, 2008

of art and approaches to it

mithi looks a little agitated as she shows me a bunch of cards she has made. many of them make use of the old design broadband poster i have at home. the rest use oil pastels.

mithi: mama, look at this one i have done. the one with flowers in a pot.
me: hmm, nice.
mithi: mama, you know i had coloured the petals of this flower, green. but, at school, sir told me i should change it to some other colour. he made me change it to purple. sir said, "anusha, have you ever seen green flowers?"
me: so, you changed the colour?
mithi: no mama. i told sir that in the world of my mind, in drawing as in stories, anything is possible. it is like magic. you can have green flowers in that world. but, mama, sir still asked me to change the colour.


Merryn said...

beautiful... loved this one.

shilpa das said...

Thanks Merryn! It's just a mommy thingie sweetheart!