Thursday, January 17, 2008

how babies are made

mithi: mama, bebo has told me a big secret.
me: what?
mithi: she knows how babies are made.
me: how??
mithi: you know, god makes babies and then he sets them free. the babies walk in tiny steps towards earth. the first big, round woman who meets the baby becomes the baby's mummy.
me: is that so?
mithi: mama, i want to tell all these babies that they should come to earth on kite flying day. this way, they can float down on kites. what a lovely trip it would be for them! softly flying through the skies!


Kavita Arvind said...

sigh... the child is an angel...

Mandakini said...

What a great story! Must meet mithi sometime and chat :) Im sure I could learn a thing or too ! Oh and the 'father daughter dance' post had me cooking up all sorts of pictures of the two of them flying around the house doing all kinds of fancy moves :D

shilpa das said...

and how fancy, mandakini! i told them they should go to salsa classes together. :)

Sambit Kumar Pradhan said...

Its such a beautiful thought ...will make for a lovely poem!