Thursday, January 24, 2008

sur sangam

(six months back)
mithi enrols in music class at Saptak to learn hindustani vocal.

(a couple of weeks later)
mithi is distraught after class one day.
mithi: mama, whenever we sing in class, khan sir tells me, 'anusha, sur kahan hai? sur mein gaao.'mama, what is this suro? what does it look like? i don't know where to find it.

(this evening)
on our way to music class, i ask mithi how she finds her music class, what her sir says, etc.
mithi: mama, remember you told me the other day that i should sing unafraid of anything? that i should concentrate? i thought hard about it. and well, am doing just that. now sir doesn't tell me sur mein gao.


Junuka said...

helo!I am REALLY touched by this ..and the entire blog too.thanks so much.Love.

Sambit Kumar Pradhan said...

Perfect! Pinky's guru once told her the same thing. Did her quite some good!