Monday, January 21, 2008

of "poor" people

mithi and i are driving down to her music class. as the car rolls down the ramp, it narrowly avoids touching a family on a cycle. a thin man is riding the cycle; his thin wife is pillion riding behind. from under her pallu stick out a tiny pair of feet in silver paayal. the man pedals hard.

mithi glares at me. i look sideways at her and ask, "what?"

mithi's words are like tadka to kadhi, "had i been in your place mama, i 'd have given my car to them."

i try not to show my surprise at her reaction not at her words. try to prise more out of her. "why would you give your car away mithu?"

"they are so poor, mama, and it's such a windy day. they must be feeling cold. we are fat from eating and they are so thin! if they had our car, they could travel comfortably."

"hmm... "

"and mama, why don't you ever give money to children who beg near traffic lights?"

"mithu, they should be at school. their parents are teaching them to beg instead of work."

mithi turns around and immediately says, "but mama, how can they go to school if they don't have money?"

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