Monday, January 21, 2008

Mithi's first story

Mithi is just in the process of discovering her writerly imagination. Is writing a book that she calls, " A BIG BOOK OF STOREIS." She hides/keeps it in her chest of drawers like a lockable prized possession.

here's the first story (incomplete) that is illustrated as well. the story is titled, "the doll and the children":

Once upon A time in A nice house lived Two.children named Diya And Rahul they were twins. The both were good children.

Diya loved pusles, dolls, books, flowers and soft toys and other toys ECT. Rahul loved his Toy train, his toy spider man, pusles, his spiderman set and his toy batman.

One Day when the both were sitting in the table to eat the lunch, the saw a doll sitting beside Diya's chair.

The doll was very beaudiful. They thought that she was very nice doll...."

She plans to complete her book by the end of the year and to not show it to anyone, except, mama, papa, ayee, dadababu, bamaa, hitankshi, bebo, aastha, mehek, muskaan, vedaant, aditi, riya mathur, anjana, shivangni, aneri, khushi, aishwarya and mudita only.

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Kavita Arvind said...

heh heh!! no doubts who this little one takes after!