Sunday, November 25, 2007


Time--i have so much of it!
seconds and minutes, hours and months,
years--oh heck! i have infinity
nestling against my bosom.

i am feeling vindictive today.
time thinks he can outwit me.
time thinks he can empower me.
time thinks he can rule me.

but i am lord and master.
i find a way out.
the whirring blades of my ceiling fan
whip up time into tiny chopped fragments;
too powerless to even touch me.

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Silpa i dont know u, but wht u wrot is very true. i m a guy from birmitrapur, i use to watch movies in 1970 -75 at BRI (workers club) I like u and ur sentiment. I know all the name u mention Like MR.sastri.
thanks Lot. I love My Brmp. I left Brmp last 2 yers . but u r always right Ms.Das.